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Arts, Health and Well being

Purbanat is working with communities from diverse backgrounds living in Birmingham using arts as a tool. We found our priority groups are from the most deprived areas of Birmingham and more affected by Covid than any other group.


Covid message

Commissioned work by Birmingham City Council arts Team in partnership with NHS 2021


Purbanat worked in partnership with Birmingham City Council’s Art team in partnership with NHS to create an awareness campaign developed as an artistic response to the COVID -19 messaging in line with the national guidance delivered within the targeted Birmingham communities.


In partnership with Bangla Connections, Purbanat produced a series of digital content in at least 4 languages (English, Bangla, Urdu and Somali) to reach the targeted communities in which we have achieved success.

It was a challenging task at that time as we analysed because of the different cultures, and their own challenges that the individual communities were passing at that time. Our outreach and multilingual work to engage different linguistic communities were useful to our underserved communities.

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