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Brick Lane 78

Play: Murad Khan

Direction: Sudip Chakroborthy,


Commissioned: Birmingham City Council’s Arts team and  Arts Council of England

So far it is our best theatre production.

The production was appreciated by the audience and theatre critics. The play was based on a movement that happened in 1978 in East London when the British Bangladeshi Community stood up against far right activism and their daily experiences of being harassed and being bullied by the far-right activists. A textile worker called Altab Ali was murdered by racists. Recently Tower Hamlet Borough Council acknowledged 4th May as Altab Ali day, and the council started to observe the day every year.



I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the Sunday performance of Brick Lane 78. I was born in 1970 in the North West and admit I did not really know much about the history behind the play and this was one of the reasons I was so keen to see it. I found it very powerful and moving. From a historical point of view it is fantastic that you aim to take this to a wider audience, particularly schools. Performances in London for the anniversary year would be a great opportunity too. This story needs to be told to a wider audience. Thank you for sharing it.


This project helped us to run a mini tour with a much-improved production of Brick Lane ’78. It enabled us to go to reach new audiences, to go to new cities, and to go to different art organisations. We also got the pleasure to work with creative personnel in different cities, influential community members - who appreciate arts, and became involved with us as volunteers.

We have developed a true and tested working partnership with Tower Hamlet Borough Arts Team and Season of Bangla Drama Festival. In Birmingham we also had the opportunity to work with MAC, SAMPAD, Black Country Touring, an arts consortium called ‘’Transforming Narratives’’ and the Birmingham Rep.


Well done to Jebtiq Rajib Haq and Murad Khan and the purbanat team for yet another amazing performance and production... I’m so proud of you and so proud to be part of the team..


Well done Murad Khan - this was the best drama to date. Very emotional and thought provoking- reminded me of my journey through my youth

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