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Commissioned work by Birmingham City Council arts Team in partnership with NHS 2021-22


We motivated and engaged our targeted ‘British Bangladeshi communities living in Birmingham north to participate in our participatory art project to creatively address Musculoskeletal diseases and gain more control over our lifestyle, based on informed choices, and developed peer support. 

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Movement for life 

Activities were: 

# 3 walking groups (Male, Female and Mixed), hour long walk 3 times a week (Aug to October)

# 8 Story sharing (Listening and telling) walking sessions arts events

# 1 indoor workshop & celebration event in November and peer evaluation of individual success stories based individual log with cultural event and story sharing Event at the Purbanat Studio.


Walking group activities and story sharing 8 sessions were outdoor in Small Heath Park.  

The workshop and celebration event was brilliant. Dr Mohammed A Khaliq, MBBS, FRCS Edin., MCh Ortho, a retired Orthopaedics Surgeon conducted the workshop on Body Movements, Exercise, and Health.

5 real-life case studies were discussed and good practices were appreciated in a peer support environment.


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