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Sector 12

Funded by Arts Council England 2021-22

Our research and development project was to conduct research and script development through a series of community consultations to collect stories and develop the script with a Script mentor for our upcoming theatre production called ‘’Sector 12’’. It was also part of the project to showcase the contested script in a theatre development process and collect feedback.


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It was a challenging, amazing, and rewarding experience to conduct research on real-life stories of people’s contributions during and around 1971 from Birmingham. We started our project at the beginning of 2021 and conducted our research on and off basis during the whole year of 2021 with a group of vulnerable people who are typically 70+. Our target group was mainly 70+ British Bangladeshi who were the most vulnerable group during the whole year because of Covid, lockdown, partial lockdown, and ‘Plan B’ policies in December.

Sector 12 6.jpg
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