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Purbanat a-Live

Funded by Arts Council England 2020-21


This emergency funding from Art Council England helped us to continue to do our activities and plan for the future. The Covid-19 situation created a desperate need to innovate a radical and pragmatic approach: to create jobs using digital and online technologies for freelance artists and for their sustainable skills development.


The project is helping us to develop a new pragmatic approach to face the audience during this challenging time. Our appraoch and challenge was to face the audience to deliver online creative short activities/projects to explore the impact of covid-19 in everyday life and to check how well we can embrace this new way of working during that challenging time.


It helped us to cover our running costs: rent utility internet and to buy digital equipment to re-train and develop our skills and competency in digital media and create jobs for free-lance artists from diverse backgrounds. Deliver arts sessions using digital platforms:  live streaming, podcast, and broadcast through social media.


It was crucial support from ACE for us and it supports us to be alive in a challenging time.

Rickshaw On Show final poster.png
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