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OVAL creates opportunities to work with professional artists, paid Shadow artists and volunteers. This allows us to develop as a diverse artist, promote diverse arts activities and showcase them.


Brick Lane 78

The play was based on a movement that happened in 1978 in East London when British Bangladeshi Community stood up against those far right activism and their daily experiences of being harassed and bullied by the far-right activists.


Nowka Bais

Nowka Bais is the traditional form of dragon boat style racing in rural villages of Bangladesh. The Nowka Bais was then introduced to the UK in 2007. It is a fun event where anyone can whatch of participate in boat race. It also has a wide variety of Bangladeshi street food and entertainment.


Bangla Brummies

'Bangla Brummies' looks at the different Asian lives in Birmingham from a unique point of view to address some serious issues in a more comedial way. 



Jahaji  is about the stories of Bangladeshi Lascars like Shamruddi, Rois mia, Kanu who worked in different merchant ships and migrated to UK in 60’s and 70’s. Hard working Shamruddi’s story is different from singer Kanu or laid-back Kutub.


Salty water and us

Salty Water and Us’ is about about the Lascar stories of Bangladeshi Immigrants with a dream of going back home. This play follows their  struggles of their journey which has become an important part of the history of Bangladeshi immigrants


Pohela Boishak: Bangla New Year 

Pohela Boishak is the Bangla New Year, which is celebrated on the 14th April. This is a festival of colour,music and Bengali tradition



The UNESCO instituted ‘International Mother Language Day’ (21 February) celebrates linguistic and cultural diversity, and multilingualism. To celebrate the Purbanat arrange engage 12 to 13 different linguistic arts group to celebrate Multi-cultural festival every Year.

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We re-connect

We Purbanat re-connected our communities living in Small Heath, Sparkhill, Sparkbrook, Bordsley Green, Aston, Lozells during the Covid-19 time and developed a peer support network/structure to support each other.

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Purbanat a-Live

The project is helping us to develop a new pragmatic approach to face the audience during this challenging time. This new pragmatic approach to face the audience is to deliver online creative short activities/projects to explore the impact of covid-19 in everyday life and to check how well we can embrace this new way of working.

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