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Play & Direction: Murad Khan,

2015 to 2017, Funded: Sir Jack Berry Foundation.

Jahaji was an improvised play to begin with, and later it was made into a full theatre production. We have put on 6 performances and engaged community artists to be engaged in performance.

Jahaji  is about the stories of Bangladeshi lascars like Shamruddi, Rois mia, Kanu who worked in different merchant ships and migrated to UK in the 60’s and 70’s. Hard working Shamruddi’s story is different from singer Kanu or laid-back Kutub. Anglo Indian Hem’s journey is unique, who grew-up dreaming to go to UK to work as aya, but found her journey is very similar to other lascars when they faced challenges together on their journey as lascars.


The struggle, dreams, fantasy, pain, success and achievement portrays similarity to that a British Bangladeshi /Asian men or women faces in their everyday life here in the UK even at present time.

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