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Nowka Bais

2016, 2017, 2018


Nowka Bais is the traditional form of dragon boat style racing which takes place in rural villages of Bangladesh, and is held after the monsoon rains and reflects many of the customs of the country.  Nowka Bais is an integral part of the Bangladeshi culture.


It was introduced to the UK in 2007. Since then it has attracted Bangladeshi and non-Bangladeshi communities from across the UK.  Nowka Bais has now become an annual national event in the Britiish Bangladeshi cultural calendar in the UK and it attracts thousands of people from all over the UK and abroad.

In partnership with ‘Nowka Bais CIC’, Purbanat delivers cultural heritage of Nowka Bais every year.

The event is attracting huge numbers of community people, regardless of ethnic background. Purbanat sees this as an opportunity to promote and exhibit the cultural heritage aspects of Nowka Bais: music, dance, costume, tradition, food etc.

Shova Jatra

Shova Jatra is a one of the main cultural attraction of Nowka Bais.   It is a colourful musical procession choreographed by Purbanat every year. The procession is filled with musical instruments, puppet bearers, spectators and boat race teams. Shova Jatra creates opportunities for general spectators to join in with artists and designers.

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