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2017, 2018,  2019

Funded by The National Lottery in 2017 and by Birmingham City Council in 2018.

We strongly believe in multi linguistic diversity, so we celebrate International Mother Language day every Year.

The UNESCO instituted ‘International Mother Language Day’ (21 February) which celebrates linguistic and cultural diversity, and multilingualism. To celebrate, Purbanat arranges to engage 12 to 13 different linguistic arts group to celebrate multi-cultural festival every year.


The festival includes music, dance, poetry and drama performed in various languages. Poetry recitation session: where local poets from different backgrounds share poems of their respective languages.

Art (poetry/music/painting) competition: for the school children to increase awareness of multiculturalism in the society.


The festival finishes with a finale where artists and young people from diverse communities perform in their respective languages representing their history and culture. 


We believe, this is a preventative approach towards isolation, hate and extremist views, and promotes a shared approach of appreciation and love. Celebrating International Mother Language Day creates an opportunity for diverse artists, practitioners and audiences to come together to respect, share and celebrate diversity. Another aim for this project is to engage young people, which encourages creativity and passion for culture. 

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