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50 Years of Bangla Brummies

National Lottery Grants for Heritage 2021-22

A significant number of British Bangladeshi living in Birmingham were involved and actively supported the liberation movement of Bangladesh around 1071. These involvement were to support the noble cause, raise funds for the victims of a massacre by Pakistani Army and to support the freedom fighters, campaign to raise international support for an independent country Bangladesh. ‘’a meeting by more than 6,000 people to express solidarity with the leader of breakaway East Pakistan, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.”(29 March 1971, Birmingham Daily Post). A significant number of these activists who are still alive and are feeling better to be recognised and mentioned.

We are recording 20 oral history recordings, translating (Where needed), and archiving.


Our project is to engage and involve a wider range of people and communities in their shared history and the cultural heritage of the ‘Independent Bangla Movement’ from Birmingham in 1971 to celebrate 50 years of British Bangladeshi identity (Bangla Brummies).

12 outreach sessions to reach a wider range of people who usually do not engage in heritage or cultural activities.

8 to 10 oral history recording ‘Champions’ to develop oral history recording Skills and support structure to develop further to create employable skills.

Record and archive 20 oral history recordings from the activists and participants of that movement, from their friends and families.

It is high time to identify, present and preserve the shared historical heritage of British Bangladeshis in Birmingham to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Bangladesh.

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Summer programme 2022

We believe in change and young people are at the forefront to make this change. Purbanat is proud to be able to offer a Summer programme that our Youth Committee planned and is directly involved in delivery as well.

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