Salty Water & Us

'Salty Water & Us was the second produc- -tion of Purbanat. The drama is about the story of lascars who worked on the marchant ships of 'East India Company' during British Raj in India throughout the 17th to mis 20th centuries. 



         Jahaji (জাহাজী)

'Designed and directed by Murad Khan, ''Jahaji' was an improvised play performed in Bangla. This drama was staged in several cities in UK, and was highly appreciated in 'Season of Bangla Drama' by Tower Hamlets in 2014.  



Celebrating International     Mother Language Day

The UNESCO instituted 'International Mother Language Day' celebrates linguistic and cultural diversity. Purbanat organised an event, along with artists and organisations from ten different communities on 21st February 2016 at The Drum, Aston, Birmingham.


A commissioning work from Birmingham City Council, Purbanat Next-Generation Youth Project (PNYP) was a series of workshops for the young people to develop their artistic talent and skills. The workshops was organised in partnership with Holy Trinity Catholic School in Small Heath. 



    Theatre Workshop

Purbanat always strives to improve the artistic skills and ability of its members. As a continuous process of betterment, Purbanat arranged a series of day-long workshops for its members and other theatre enthusiastics in 2014 in Small Heath.  



      Bangla Brummies

The upcoming production, 'Bangla Brummies' looks at asian liven in Birmingham from a different point of view, and addresses some serious issues in a fun way. 





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